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KFM was invited to present at the national Clinical Quality Strategy Forum on 13/14 July.

KFM Managing Director Andy Lockwood and Director of Procurement and Supply Chain, Adam Broad, gave a joint presentation with Dr Oliver Long, Site Medical Director at King's College Hospital, about ‘Financially Stable Decision Making: Reinvesting in a Smarter Trust'. The session focused on KFM’s award winning work on enhanced supply chain.

The Clinical Quality Strategy Forum brings together Medical Directors, Chief Surgeons, Directors of Nursing and senior clinicians from across the NHS together with service providers in a networking event to improve efficiency and patient care.

KFM’s Managing Director, Andy Lockwood, said: "We were delighted to be invited to present how KFM and the Trust have worked together in partnership to drive standardisation and reduce the clinical product range by 67%."

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KFM has been shortlisted as a finalist at this year’s UK National GO Awards for procurement.

The GO Awards celebrate the best procurement achievements from across the UK’s public, private and third sector organisations.

KFM has been shortlisted in the category ‘Procurement Team of the Year’. The entry highlights KFM’s partnership with King’s College Hospital and creating an enhanced supply chain service.

Andy Lockwood, Managing Director of KFM, said: “Hot on the heels of winning the HSJ Procurement Project of the Year Award last week, KFM has been shortlisted for two further national awards, GO and CIPS. After three years of hard work to build something special I am delighted to see It’s Coming Home. Congratulations Team KFM.”

The winners will be announced on 15 September.

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KFM has received another award nomination. It has been announced as a finalist in the CIPS Excellence in Procurement Awards 2021.

This follows on from winning an HSJ Partnership Award last week and also being declared a finalist in the UK National GO Awards for procurement.

KFM’s entry highlighted collaboration with King’s College Hospital to tackle the Covid-19 challenge leading to being shortlisted in the category ‘Best Collaborative Teamwork Project’.

Andy Lockwood, Managing Director of KFM, said: “Hot on the heels of winning the HSJ Procurement Project of the Year Award last week, KFM has been shortlisted for two further national awards, GO and CIPS. After three years of hard work to build something special I am delighted to see It’s Coming Home. Congratulations Team KFM.”

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is a global not-for-profit organisation, serving the procurement and supply management profession.

Winners will be announced on 22 September 2021.

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The KFM team got the heads up at the start of May that the ward was going to convert into a discharge lounge. KFM was given a very short time to source patient chairs for the lounge and over-bed tables, among other consumables. These included items to help with the high volume of dementia patients who will use the discharge lounge. Dementia friendly games and wall transfers stickers were sourced to help entertain patients.

Tricia Fitzgerald, Deputy Director of Nursing Projects Denmark Hill site, said: “We recently opened the Matthew Whiting Discharge Unit and we found the KFM team to be friendly and responsive to our needs for new equipment at short notice. Stacey and Claire have been really helpful and managed to get the equipment we needed in time for opening. Thank you so much to the KFM team!"

Claire Allcock, Inventory & Purchasing Support Team Leader, at KFM, added: “The pandemic taught us to open new areas in a very short space of time, so opening the new discharge unit in two weeks didn’t really faze us! We worked with the clinicians to help as much as we could from sourcing and purchasing the equipment and consumables to last minute rearranging of furniture and filling up the danicentres ready for patients. This was a real team effort so thank you to all involved including Luke Oloo who did a fantastic job reorganising the storeroom, Tim Kerr for helping sourcing the equipment as well as Kerry Johnstone and Henry Essilfie helping with the budget and cost codes for the new area.”

The KFM team sourced and set up a catalogue of 60 items, liaising closely with Trust staff.

The Discharge Unit will aid improved flow of patients through emergency and planned care pathways by releasing inpatient bed capacity earlier in the day. The aim is for ”Golden Patients” to be brought to the Discharge Unit for breakfast to free up space on the wards before 11.00 to allow swifter admission for patients coming through Assessment Units and the Emergency Department.

This week KFM marks its fifth birthday. As a start-up KFM went on a steep learning curve but it is now celebrating many achievements in partnership with King’s College Hospital.

Andy Lockwood, Managing Director of KFM, said: “I’m very proud that the KFM Team have made such giant strides over the last three years. We started with a Back to Basics programme in 2018 and now in 2021 we have a lot to be proud of in our financial contribution to King’s and our customer satisfaction ratings. It will only get better!”

Talking about how KFM has changed over the five years since its launch Tara Woodward, Managed Services Performance & Operations Manager, said: “At the start the KFM management team were interims and the organisation didn’t have a well-established governance structure or processes in place. Due to this there was very high staff turnover, which effected the relationships and reputation that KFM had with its customer."

Tara compares this to the current environment: “I’ve seen a positive change in the four years that I have been working for KFM. You can see that KFM and King’s College Hospital are now on a journey together and some strong, trusting relationships have been built which is also reflective in our customer satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS) score. I look forward to continuing the KFM journey.”

KFM has won a Health Service Journal (HSJ) Partnership Award for its Enhanced Supply Chain Service. The award was announced last night at a celebratory event in London.

Over the year 2019/20 KFM initiated a comprehensive change programme to fundamentally re-engineer its supply chain to provide an enhanced service to King’s College Hospital. This has released valuable clinical time to focus on patient care and provides better value for money.

KFM initiated a lean six sigma rapid improvement programme which began by mapping the existing supply chain processes and gathering data to identify areas for improvement. As a result, changes were made over a six-month period in operational systems, processes and staffing.

Andy Lockwood, Managing Director at KFM, said: “Winning the HSJ Procurement Project of the Year Award is a real honour and testimony to the skills and dedication of the KFM Team. The enhanced supply chain service at King’s means clinicians can focus on patient care and delivers financial benefits worth £10m a year. Well done Team KFM!”

The judges praised the KFM team for their “cohesive and engaging approach” and said "The winners built impressively on the written submission reinforcing their entry. The team demonstrated strong involvement between clinical and non-clinical staff including executive level involvement and showcased the benefit of improving value and reducing waste. The judges felt that this could be a model for other trusts to replicate."

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Since the end of January 2021 KFM has been supporting King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in swabbing hospital staff Covid-19 tests.

Prior to the introduction of Robotic Process Automation or ‘bots’ health rotas had to be updated manually which was time consuming and more prone to human error. Working for the hospital HR department the KFM ‘bots’ complete approximately 100 staff swabs each day.

Peter Hanover, from the Occupational Health & Wellbeing team at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: "The RPA programme has made a big difference in freeing me up for other duties in the Occupational Health Department. Previously, I would spend hours every a week inputting data. The automated process can do this much faster and can make results live on Healthroster as soon as results are received.”

He continues: “I’ve been impressed how the new system is able to learn like a person and its accuracy is increasing all the time."

KFM is developing the use bots in many areas of hospital life to improve efficiency and patient care.

More NHS organisations are adopting RPA to automate the most fastidious and repetitive processes. Over the last 12 months KFM has been working with procurement, finance, HR and clinicians to develop technological expertise within the NHS. The results are outstanding with a combination of CIP, cost reduction and reducing data errors.

Sam Proposch, RPA Lead at KFM said: “It’s great to see our robots making a positive impact on the team’s day to day workloads throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We were able to work with staff and automate the swabbing results process within a week offering great value for money within the Trust.”

Who is KFM?

KFM is a provider of healthcare support services. KFM’s mission is to partner with healthcare providers in delivering world class patient care, with all profits and cost savings reinvested in the NHS.

KFM is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Health Service Journal Award for Procurement Project of the Year.

We have been recognised for providing a re-engineered Enhanced Supply Chain Service to King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which released valuable clinical time to focus on patient care and provided better value for money.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges the NHS has ever had to face, and the partnership between the Armed Forces and the NHS has been highlighted.

Many NHS staff have been redeployed to work on COVID-19-related roles. Gavin Jones, a veteran who now works as Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance at KFM (owned by Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust), shared his experiences about being asked to take on a different role and work in supply chain management and logistics, ensuring PPE was distributed accordingly.

Before joining the NHS, Gavin undertook a work placement at an NHS organisation, as part of the Step into health programme. The programme aims to highlight the many transferable skills Armed Forces personnel can bring to roles and also encourage NHS organisations to publicly commit to supporting the recruitment of members of the Armed Forces Community into the NHS.

Gavin attributes his Armed Forces background to being able to carry out the task to a high standard and being able to perform well under immense pressure. He served for 24 years in the Royal Logistic Corps, taking part in deployments to the former Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His last role was as a Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer.

Gavin said: “I feel that my experiences of having served a career in the British Army made it straightforward to quickly switch to a different role that supported the defence against COVID-19. The two key strengths I utilised were regular and comprehensive two-way communications, with a foundation based on great stakeholder relationships and robust, but simple, planning.”

This is a shortened version of an article first published in Forces News.

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