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Since the end of January 2021 KFM has been supporting King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in swabbing hospital staff Covid-19 tests.

Prior to the introduction of Robotic Process Automation or ‘bots’ health rotas had to be updated manually which was time consuming and more prone to human error. Working for the hospital HR department the KFM ‘bots’ complete approximately 100 staff swabs each day.

Peter Hanover, from the Occupational Health & Wellbeing team at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: "The RPA programme has made a big difference in freeing me up for other duties in the Occupational Health Department. Previously, I would spend hours every a week inputting data. The automated process can do this much faster and can make results live on Healthroster as soon as results are received.”

He continues: “I’ve been impressed how the new system is able to learn like a person and its accuracy is increasing all the time."

KFM is developing the use bots in many areas of hospital life to improve efficiency and patient care.

More NHS organisations are adopting RPA to automate the most fastidious and repetitive processes. Over the last 12 months KFM has been working with procurement, finance, HR and clinicians to develop technological expertise within the NHS. The results are outstanding with a combination of CIP, cost reduction and reducing data errors.

Sam Proposch, RPA Lead at KFM said: “It’s great to see our robots making a positive impact on the team’s day to day workloads throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We were able to work with staff and automate the swabbing results process within a week offering great value for money within the Trust.”

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