The Benefits of King's FM

There are many benefits to the King's FM Model:

  • It frees up staff time
  • It provides better value for money
  • There is now additional support for facility areas
  • It is aligned with national guidance
  • It standardises products, policies and procedures

Freeing up Staff

A focus on providing equipment and consumables at the right place, right time through improved
equipment planning, demand forecasting and investment in supply chain expertise

Better Value for

King’s FM delivered £7m of managed service savings and £6m of procurement efficiency
savings for FY17/18

Additional Support for Facility Areas

New dedicated business operational managers, focused on improving the supply chain,
asset placement and product availability. Investment in Critical Care technicians through a dedicated training lead

Alignment with National Guidance

King’s FM implements many of the recommendations made in the Carter Report relating
to standardisation, effective system control and compliance. Responds to the quality and sustainability priorities set by NHSI

Standardised Products, Policies & Procedures

A clear and consistent procurement process coupled with consistent service levels, supported by compliance with Trust and King’s FM SFIs. Standardisation Committee set-up focusing specifically
on working together to ensure better and more cost-effective products..

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