Project Management & Transformation

Ways of working often evolve in a piecemeal fashion over time and have never been designed either bottom up or top down. Legacy operations can often be based on “this is the way we have always done it” which can mean there are inefficiencies, waste and unnecessary costs. Our Transformation and Project Management experience covers four main areas of challenges facing healthcare today. Every project we work on is underpinned by our patient centric approach to ensure clinical services can grow, change and improve efficiency, value for money and quality of care without compromising patient safety.

Delivery models to release clinical time
Healthcare is under constant pressure to transform the way it delivers services. KFM has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing delivery models that remove the requirement for clinicians to complete managerial, administrative, and manual tasks. These delivery models utilise technology, data driven process redesign and innovation to increase clinical productivity and release time to care. Our approach uses our lean six sigma practitioners to observe and map existing processes, gathering data to identify target areas for improvement. The core of this approach is developing systems and processes that can be implemented with a multi-skilled workforce to support clinicians.

Our releasing clinical time experience:

Transfer of services
When clinical services are moved from one provider to another there are significant risks to service continuity, which can negatively impact on patient safety and experience. KFM have transitioned a number of services from previous suppliers to an in house service. Our approach to transfer of services ensures that any impacts to patients are mitigated and managed. We focus on collaborative working from the start of the transfer to ensure a seamless transition that is thoroughly planned, well organised, and smoothly delivered.

Our transfer of services experience:

Service improvement
Often when services are transferred to KFM this is due to opportunities for improvement we have identified, and the breadth of experience we bring in implementing long lasting service improvements. Our approach to service improvement involves working with staff, patients, suppliers and customers to identify, develop and quantify opportunities. These opportunities are quantified, prioritised and costed to form an implementation plan. KFM then work alongside these groups to drive identified improvements to completion.

Our service improvement experience:

Supporting operational management to deliver change
Large scale change is time and resource consuming for operational managers, who often have to juggle transformation alongside maintaining high quality patient care in the areas they are responsible for. KFM has a broad range of experience supporting operational and senior management teams to implement large and complex projects. Our approach to delivering complex projects focuses on extensive internal and external stakeholder engagement, robust governance, and utilises our PRINCE2 Practitioners. This ensures our projects are rigorously managed, delivered on time, on budget and ensuring patient care is never compromised.

Our operational management support experience: