Procurement Services

We provide the following Procurement Services:
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract management
  • Category management
  • Supplier management
  • New product introduction
  • Demand planning
  • Supply planning
  • Equipment / IT purchasing
  • Purchase-to- pay
  • Procurement Infrastructure and Systems
  • Procurement help desk management
  • Agency staffing management
  • Asset management
  • Benefits tracking and CIP delivery

Strategic Sourcing

We seek to ensure that at a strategic level, suppliers are fully aligned to our customer requirements. Our responsibilities include the management of supplier selection, tender processes and negotiations to implement new contracts or service provision. We also identify, manage and mitigate risks that arise through relationships with suppliers and service providers and communicate risks to relevant facilities.

Contract Management

We manage compliance with the terms of each contract to ensure we are maximising financial and operational performance and minimising risk for our customers.

Category Management

We group together items that either have similar characteristics or are sourced from similar supply markets into a category, identify opportunities within each category and deploy suitable strategy to realise the opportunities.

Supplier Management

We manage all aspects of supplier relationships which includes interactions with suppliers in order to maximise the value of those interactions and manage supplier performance, including managing and facilitating dispute resolution.

New Product Introduction

Our specialist procurement expertise allows us to work with the Clinical Reference Group to help introduce new stock and equipment to users and facilitate the appropriate training.

Demand Planning

We work with customers to create a demand plan based on the facility schedules, identifying the demand for consumables, equipment and loan kit requirements.

Supply Planning

Using our expertise, we create supply plans and budgets based on the overall demand profile (schedules etc.) and bill of materials to identify materials required to support demand. This helps our customers understand future demand for consumables and equipment.

Equipment/IT Purchasing

We provide a service for purchasing new Equipment and facility-specific IT (hardware and software), or adding to the value of an items of Equipment and facility-specific IT (e.g. upgrades).


We complete all activities carried out between the decision to purchase goods and services and the payment of invoices. This includes checks, verification and approval.

Procurement Help Desk Management

We provide a central contact point for clinical and service teams, providing information and support related to procured products and services and responding to queries and emergencies.

Asset Management

We proactively manage the asset lifecycle by continuously checking the usage and economic life of assets and undertaking action based on the clinical usage and financial status to assist in decision making. We keep under review the useful life and condition of the equipment, ensuring timely and cost-effective replacement..

Benefits Tracking and CIP Delivery

Our focus on cost-saving allows us to identify and prioritise savings opportunities, service improvements and innovation, and provide commercial input into product selection and standardisation.

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