Customer Testimonials

Don't just take it from us, here's what our customers have to say about KFM.

"The team will always inform me if an item is not available, or will take longer to arrive than expected, enabling me to use alternate stock which has proved very helpful. I have not had any problems working with the team and feel that all my store needs have been successfully fulfilled. The team is always friendly and professional and are always insuring that my stock needs are met. We have set up a system now that is working well with this department.”

"Working with Kings FM is very effective and efficient. It has improved our service delivery as all the consumables are now easily accessible and well-labelled. The unit has not experienced any shortage of consumables since King’s FM took over. The nursing team now has the time to focus on patient care and not spend time chasing orders. The King’s FM staff in DSU are very efficient and hard working. They make sure that the unit is well equipped and are very dedicated to the service. The team has good interpersonal skills as well as being effective communicators; they are good ambassadors for the company.”

"KFM has reduced the clinical staff workload by not having to place orders on a weekly basis. Since KFM came into existence we rarely run out of consumables like we did before. When this does happen occasionally, a member of the team will get whatever it is without having to phone round all the dialysis units which can be time consuming. This system has reduced the pressure on the clinical staff, tidiness of the store room and provides easy access to materials to carry on with the job. Thank you for this well-structured initiative.”

"I have found the switch to KFM Enhanced supply chain to have been a positive experience. It has reduced the amount of time I spend creating orders, as well as the time spent chasing orders up. A further benefit is the increased peace of mind that our temperature-sensitive items will be delivered to the lab in a timely fashion, which ensures they are stored at the correct temperature as quickly as possible.”

“I have always found King’s FM Supply Chain to be very helpful, positive and good communicators. Now that the top-up ordering is in place at Orpington and Beckenham Beacon it has freed up some of the time I was spending on ordering. This means there is more time for managers like me to use for other PT related duties. Because minimum top up levels have been agreed and will be maintained this means no more last-minute panic as we should always have the correct quantity of supplies available and as a result we are less likely to have to cut a clinic. The team is great; they are always really helpful, supportive and proactive.”

“The new ordering system is an excellent way to save clinical staff time. The great thing about the new system is that the communication and correspondence is excellent, and the first delivery has been very prompt for which our teams wish to thank the procurement team. Thank you for making the system easier overall and less time consuming.”