KFM Supplier Portal

Welcome to KFM’s supplier portal. We work closely with our suppliers in order to deliver first class medical support services to King’s College Hospital and other client organisations.

Commercial Procurement Pipeline for KFM
Attached here is our procurement pipeline of activity over the next 36 months, including supplies, services and works that have a total contract value of over £2m. The following pipeline is indicative only, and we would like to advise anyone who is interested in any of the potential procurements to register on the Atamis Portal and to contact us if they wish to discuss further.

If you are interested in supplying KFM, we would like to encourage you to register and join our supplier pool HERE

The Atamis Health Family supplier portal is designed to foster the exchange of information between KFM and our suppliers. Key benefits for existing suppliers include being able to more seamlessly collaborate with KCH, share performance reports or other documents and maintain compliance records.

Atamis Supplier Guidance

KFM Modern Slavery Statement

KFM Sustainability Policy

Questions? For business enquiries e-mail kch-tr.ask-kfm@nhs.net.

For technical question about Registering on supplier portal email support-health@atamis.co.uk.