KFM Academy

We are really proud of our workforce at KFM and want to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to develop and progress their careers.

The KFM Academy embodies our approach to talent management and development, setting out development and progression pathways across the company.

Our annual performance appraisal process allows all staff to explore their career aspirations and developmental objectives for the coming year, aligned to our annual priorities. This includes identifying any immediate training needs as well as potentially agreeing various CPD funding arrangements for individuals who may want to pursue further qualification or upgrade their professional registration.

We are currently working to establish a number of development pathways in specific departments including;

  • Procurement Professionals
  • Technical Workforce
  • Endoscopy Technicians

Our cross departmental programmes under development include;
  • An internal secondment / rotation scheme
  • Regular leadership forum
  • Management development pathway
  • Apprenticeship Training (for current employees)

Further Information

Please download our booklet, for more information about the KFM Academy.
KFM Academy Booklet

KFM Career Ladder